PIM Services

PIM Services

PIM (Product Information Management)

Data! Data! Data!  It’s everywhere and it is all different everywhere you look.  If you are managing data for your company and implementing a PIM (Product Information Management System), we can help you.  The PIM allows you to have one version of the truth for each and every data element that is needed to transact business.  We believe that Data Quality has 7 key characteristics:

  • Accuracy – Data is a perfect reflection of the facts about the product in terms of engineering, packaging, pricing and marketing content.
  • Completeness – All the data for all the records are available.
  • Consistency – Data has uniformity of data fields, such as part numbering, product descriptions, GTIN or UPC assignment, units of measure and branding.
  • Standardized – Product data conforms to specific industries as well as specific targeted business requirements.
  • Synchronized – All changes to the data are updated frequently and routinely in all other systems, internal and external.
  • Easy to Use – Data can readily apply to all of the business partners’ required systems without significant alteration, effort or delay.
  • Timely – Every product data file in all systems are up-to-date.


We can analyze your current data set with our Data Score Service and with that tool help you build the data roadmap for success.  Our Data Enrichment Service can help you complete your data records in no time because we understand that speed to market is important to you.   We have worked with many of the PIM providers over the years and have assisted many companies load their PIM with high quality data.   Let your team worry about configuring the PIM into your environment and let our team ensure that it is filled with high quality data.



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