Data Cleanse

Data Cleanse  

In today’s highly competitive business market, one thing is clear, high quality product data throughout supply chains; from manufacturer to distributor and finally to end-user, has become a vital asset for attracting and maintaining profitable business.   

When data between manufacturers and distributors doesn’t match, efficiency declines, orders decrease, and revenue is lost. Ensuring the ordering process remains efficient starts by making sure the product data shared between manufacturers and distributors is accurate and up-to-date.

At DATAgility, our professional data team review product data  and provide easy to understand reports on  data accuracy between partners, allowing distributors and manufacturers to resolve problems and make the best decisions on how to improve their data.

Dirty Data Identified:

  • Bad data in your system is resolved, removed, or corrected
  • Missing manufacturer part numbers and UPC codes identified and added
  • Obsolete parts are removed eliminating the possibility for errors

Synced Clean Data Delivers:

  • Improved operating efficiencies that save time and money
  • Enhanced data that improves customer experience and increases sales
  • Additional product listings to create more sales
  • Fewer customer complaints, returns, and a smooth order flow process

Data deteriorates over time. Customers want to be able to search and purchase products easily.  Make business with you easy by having high quality data.   

When is a good time to do a data sync?

  • When you migrate to a new ERP system (enterprise resource planning)
  • When you implement PIM software (product information management)
  • When you are implementing EDI or VMI
  • If you have a new or upgraded E-Commerce platform (online ordering)
  • If your ERP is older than 3 years
  • If you’re representing new product lines, verticals, or manufacturers
  • If you have never done one in the past, now is the time.   

If you can answer to YES to any of these questions, it’s time for a data sync.  

  • Does your team go to other company websites to search for product information?
  • Are you still getting returns because your customers ordered the wrong product or incorrect quantity? 
  • Do you have a team dedicated to resolving data errors, debit memos, or pricing discrepancies? 
  • Are you tired of fixing the same errors over and over again? 
  • Manufacturers, do you know what your data looks like in your distributor’s systems?  

Data Cleanse is a process that works for both partners.  Data Quality is a shared responsibility.  If you are exchanging product data, utilize our data cleanse service to ensure it is up-to-date.  

To learn more about this service contact DATAgility at 815.981.4922.