How Data Errors Disrupt Automation Technology

How Data Errors Disrupt Automation Technology

datakeyData Quality plays a key role in the success of companies’ efforts to automate business processes.  The data cleanse process is a necessary step to ensure that the data can flow through the system without error.  For example, pricing and units of measure have to be accurate on a purchase order in order for it to flow through the system.  If not, it is halted and rerouted to a person who can investigate and resolve the issue.  Brent Halverson, President and CEO of cloud-based business solutions firm ecmarket, talked with B2B Payments Magazine about the role data plays in automation technology.  “From the people I talk to, there has got to be a lot more innovation,” he stated.  “And I don’t think the leadership of a lot of these companies understand the challenges that are out there.”  The heart of the issue still remains in the integrity of the data within the system.  Fix that, and the automation technology a company puts in place will work properly.  Ignore the data and the automation is disrupted.   At DATAgility, we understand this pain point for our customers and we work diligently with them to fix it.    Contact us before you implement and we can show you how to be more successful!

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