Data Score

Data Score

Data Score

Fixing inaccurate data can seem like a monumental task; you don’t have the time, and even worse you don’t know where to start. Our Data Scoring program will identify the problems and we will provide a solution.

Data Score is a highly personalized service offered to distributors and manufacturers that evaluates the quality of data based on channel partner requirements.

This process will provide an assessment of your data and will identify areas of needed improvement. We can assess all of your data or any problem sections of your data. We can also evaluate one manufacturer, a group of manufacturers or all manufacturers.

The outcome is a uniquely tailored Data Score for every manufacturer that identifies problems such as: data format errors, data quality issues, and missing data.

We will create a personalized action plan to improve and enrich your data. Your data is a key component of your business; let us help you improve your ROI by generating high quality data so that you can sell more products.

To learn more about this service contact DATAgility at 815.981.4922.  Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.13.42 AM