During the fall of 2015, the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) surveyed their membership to gather data about how electrical distributors use technology.

96% of the distributors surveyed indicated that data in their business system being accurate and up to date was one of the most critical issues as it related to technology.

DATAgility partnered with NAED to offer a Data Scorecarding program tailored to the electrical industry.

DATAfirst is a distributor-driven data quality program open to all NAED members that will result in manufacturers providing the high quality data needed by distributors in order to remain the ‘Channel of First Choice’.


  • To document distributor’s exact data requirements for manufacturer fulfillment
  • To provide meaningful reports to measure data quality
  • To ‘zero in’ on where data quality improvements are needed
  • To provide expert guidance, consultation, and services to motivate manufacturers to improve the quality of their product data
  • To recognize and compare companies high performance achievements
  • To provide an action plan based upon report results to improve performance between trading partners


  • Optimize Sales
  • Accelerate Revenue
  • Increase Brand Visibility
  • Improve Operating Efficiencies
  • Strengthen Distributor Relationships
  • Achieve Industry Recognition


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