DATAgility partners with Enterworks to fuel EnterWorks Enable Software with high quality data!

Sycamore, IL – August 11, 2016 — DATAgility, the leading data management services provider announced today a strategic partnership with EnterWorks, the leading software provider for Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions. Together, DATAgility and EnterWorks will empower electrical and automotive manufacturers and distributors with a sophisticated platform to master, manage and distribute the high quality content required to compete in an omni-channel economy and drive revenue.

Through this partnership, manufacturers will be better equipped with the data management technology and PIM and MDM software to transform their product, images, videos, brands and other marketing assets into persuasive and personalized content and seamlessly distribute it to their distributors. Manufacturers can collect, organize, and deliver high-quality data in whatever format required by their distributor’s e-commerce platform. Distributors will be able to quickly onboard products to a catalog, collaborate with suppliers and product teams to enrich the product content with digital images, and make that content available to retailers and consumer marketplaces in consistent and consumable formats.

“DATAgility has deep domain expertise in the automotive and electrical industry, and we’re excited to work with them to provide our customers with the best product information and data management tools in the industry,” said Rick Chavie, CEO of Enterworks. “Combined with our EnterWorks Enable software, manufacturers and distributors will be well equipped to meet and exceed the Product Information Exchange Standards (PIES) within the auto industry and the Product Descriptor Database (PDD) in the electrical industry.”

EnterWorks Enable’s centralized data management system provides a single view of content from manufacturer to distributor to customer. Its unique PIM platform can collect and store unlimited data attributes in a structured hierarchy that aligns with each distributor or retailer’s specific requirements.

“DATAgility has a rich history in the automotive and electrical industries, working closely with industry leaders to develop the data standards that exists today,” said Denise Keating, President of DATAgility. “This partnership will enable us to seamlessly onboard persuasive, personalized content so channel partners can maximize sales and drive consistent revenue growth.”

About DATAgility
DATAgility, an award winning and experienced data management services company, managed by Denise Keating and Ed Heon, that delivers quality data sourcing and enrichment services, powerful analytics, data normalization, and unique data synchronization services to the B2B distribution channels. DATAgility is the only data management services company who have team members that have been actively and readily contributing to the electrical and automotive industry data standards since 1997. Ed is known as the “father of PIES”, the industry’s data exchange standard, which has gained widespread use and application. Denise received the 2016 NAED Associate Service Award for her valuable contributions to ensure the successful continuation of the distribution channel as the channel of first choice. For more information, visit https://datagility.com

About EnterWorks
EnterWorks® master data management (MDM) and product information management (PIM) solution enables companies to acquire, manage and transform product information into persuasive content that drives higher sales and new competitive strengths through e-commerce, Web, mobile, print, and various other channels. EnterWorks is ranked by some of the most valued research firms in the industry, including Gartner, Forrester and Ventana Research. Customers include food and consumer brand customers such as US Foods, Fender Musical Instruments, W.B. Mason, HP Hood and more. For more information, visit http://www.enterworks.com.