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NAED, DATAgility, EnterWorks Cross-Reference ProgramFor Manufacturers

NAED X-Check is a great way for you to get all your product relationship data into your distributor’s ERP & Ecommerce Systems.  40 NAED Distributors with  2000+  locations are participating!

Product Relationships include:

  • Accessories
  • Cross-References
  • Product Upsells
  • Repair Parts
  • Related Products
  • Similar Products
  • Superseded

The data is delivered directly to distributors in a digital download that they load into their ERP and e-commerce systems.  It allows them to complete bids faster and service their customers more efficiently in person and on their websites.

Having your product relationships available 24/7 allows authorized distributors to recommend your products whenever and where ever the situation arises.  If your products are not in the database, how many sales opportunities are lost?  Ensure all your relationship data is available to the distribution channel in the way they want to access it – through X-Check.  Take action to drive sales.

You can choose what databases you would like to participate in.  It’s never been easier to provide this much needed data to help sell more products!


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