NAED DATAFirst appears in AD Blog

NAED DATAFirst Program appears in AD (Affliated Distributors) Blog

It is clear that the changing landscape of e-commerce providers promising “cheaper, easier and faster” alternatives has forever changed the electrical distribution channel. The NAED DATAFirst Program, powered by DATAgility, was created to assure that it remains the Channel of First Choice.

DATAFirst is a collaborative partner-to-partner scorecarding program to convey distributor data quality requirements for manufacturer fulfillment. DATAFirst is a distributor-driven data quality program, not a data warehouse, which is open to the industry. The primary use of this program is a collaborative quality scorecarding program for both manufacturers and distributors.

DATAFirst was created to help manufacturers correct information in their system. With the resulting clean data, they can share their data with their data warehousing partner of choice, and the distributor will receive the high-quality data that they need to operate efficiently and remain the preferred channel.

The program follows a formal, but very simple process. First, distributors are asked to encourage manufacturers to subscribe to the program. Next, distributors provide specific data requirements needed to run their business functions. Manufacturer data is rated against a quality system that measures seven key data characteristics and assigns a rating at the product level. Third, DATAFirst provides participants with easy-to-use reports that are written in business terms and are focused on providing information to the executive team. Lastly, a partner-to-partner Scorecard service matches the manufacturer and distributor data sets together to ensure data is synchronized for efficient electronic ordering, warehouse automation and effective web selling.

Instructions on how to access Training: www.naed.org/datafirst