NAED DATAFirst – Make it Your First Choice for Data Quality

First Choice – NAED DATAFirst Program Sets New Benchmark for Data Quality and Accuracy in Electrical Distrbution Industry

Distributors know that sound and accurate product data is critical to their e-commerce strategies; however, the ability to secure high-quality data from manufacturer partners is a luxury that’s not always been easily accomplished. Happily, NAED’s new DATAFirst Program — a distributor-driven data quality score-carding program that will enable manufacturers to provide the high quality data required by distributors – is proactively addressing these data needs and helping distributors to remain the ‘Channel of First Choice.’

Denise Keating, President of DATAgility, sat down with Susan Bloom to discuss the NAED DATAFirst Program and what benefits it has to the IMARK Marketing Group’s members. For full details of the article, Click Here.