Product Attribute Enrichment

Product attributes are the characteristics or features about a product that make it unique or distinct from other products.  Common product attributes are size, color, or material.  Attributes help buyers select the correct product among a group of similar products based on whether the product meets their criteria or specifications. When attributes are easy to locate and view on your website, the buyer can make a purchase decision more easily.

Attributes are organized in an attribute schema which is a listing of attribute labels that pertain to a specific product category.

Product Attribute Enrichment is a part of our Data Enrichment Services and includes:

  • Data Sourcing product attributes from approved manufacturer sites and supporting material
  • Organizing and collecting attributes based on requirements defined by your attribute schema
  • Normalizing data values and UOM (Units of Measure) to provide consistency throughout data set
  • Delivering fully attributed data set in the format needed to easily upload to ERP, PIM, or e-commerce platforms

Benefits to Product Attribute Enrichment –

  • Normalized attribute labels and values allow filterable navigation to work properly on your website
  • Organized product attributes allow visitors to conduct product comparisons effectively
  • Enriched product attributes give buyers confidence to select right product for their needs
  • Buyer confidence leads to increased conversion rates and lower bounce rates

Our team at DATAgility can deliver the high-quality product content your customers are searching for on your ecommerce site.