Product Taxonomy Development

When you enter a store that you have never been, you look for the signs hanging in the aisle to direct you to the place in the store where you can find the products you are looking to buy.  When online, customers are looking for a similar way to navigate your site.  They can do this more easily through your product taxonomy or web hierarchy.  The product taxonomy (also called web hierarchy) is the classification or grouping of similar products into categories and sub-categories levels. Navigating through the subcategories leads the customer to the lowest level of the taxonomy where the listing of products can be found.  For example, if a customer is looking for a screwdriver, your taxonomy subcategories may look like this:

Tools → Hand Tools → Screwdrivers → Phillips-Head

At each level of the taxonomy, the customer is choosing to narrow the search from general to more specific.

Once the category levels are defined, an attribute schema can be developed for filterable navigation.  The attribute schema is a listing of the attribute labels appropriate for a specific product category.  It is the physical and performance characteristics that make products unique. A well-defined schema allows the customer to filter or narrow their search based on specific product information they need for proper product selection.

Staying with the screwdriver example, once the customer finds the Phillips-head category, it may contain hundreds of that product type.  A customer may apply certain filters to zero in on the specific characteristics of screwdriver they need.  The filterable attributes may include:

  • Brand
  • Tip Size
  • Material
  • Length

Products that are classified correctly lead customers to locating the products they need quicker and easier.

Benefits to Product Taxonomy and Attribute Schema Development Services –

  • Proper product taxonomy is the foundation for well-functioning website
  • An attribute schema that contains normalized labels and priority ranking gives your website a professional organized look
  • Ease of website use increases conversion rates and reduces buyer frustration
  • Proper product classification aids in tracking sales by category
  • Clear organization leads to better SEO results with proper tagging and indexing

DATAgility takes a systematic approach to developing your product taxonomy based on the specific mix of products you carry on your website.  The service includes taxonomy creation, attribute schema development, and product classification.

Contact us today to get started.  One of the first steps in your ecommerce content creation strategy should include product taxonomy development.