Using Data to Develop a Customer-Led Distributorship, Part I

Denise Keating, CEO  of DATAgility, gives her thoughts on how distributors can utilize data they currently have to gain insights to service their customers better.  The article explores how the right blend of data, business intelligence, and customer insights can help independent electrical distributors develop customer-led organizations and thrive in even the most competitive marketplaces.

…As a starting point, Keating says companies can take snapshots of their customers’ transaction histories, including what they purchased, the frequency of their buying habits, and the products that they did (or didn’t) bundle together with other items. “This will help distributors figure out how to present products on their websites,” says Keating, “and move beyond the basics to get to the more advanced content that will help distributors differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Read on to discover tips that distributor can use to move to be a more customer-led organization.

article provided by tED online